I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


Wasn’t that a scene in hit film “High Fidelity”


Someone upthread mentioned it sounded like Flight of the Conchords’ “Boom Boom” and now that’s all I hear


Oh Christ, my neighbour upstairs is listening to the album rather loudly this morning. My opinion of her has just gone through the floor.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of his shite through the radio at work, but just heard that faux-Irish one and it’s fucking abysmal.

Good encouragement for me to get the hoover out to drown the noise out though.


Sorry to be linking the Daily Mail, but this one has a succinct headline (no need to click on article - she thought tickets were £260 total but each via Viagogo) and one of the best examples of the “Daily Mail Sad Face”.

Serves 'em right if you ask me!!1


viagogo are quite misleading with how they do that, tbh. You put in the number of tickets you want then the (per ticket) price comes up. But yeah at checkout it says the total cost.

She’s a plank, touts are cunts, Sheeran’s shit


I’m desperately worried that my parents will hear this from their mates. I think my mum could be taken in by this guff, she liked leo sayer back in the day


my mum’s already a fan :frowning: not sure what she thinks of Galway Girl

i got her listening to The National a few years ago though so swings and roundabouts


I’m going to try and get my dad into QOTSA, he plays the fuck out of that Iggy Pop album they did. Might just save me.


There really is no surprise in that this album was released 3 weeks before Mother’s Day - Sheeran you transparent cunt.


my mum likes some decent stuff, Bowie, Springsteen, Rolling Stones, got her listening to a bit more Dylan as well, and think she quite enjoyed some of the other stuff i’ve subjected her to over the years. but also really likes a lot of blander stuff like Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, Snow Patrol. think she likes what she’s heard of Villagers, should give her an album to listen to for a bit.

my dad’s a lost cause, he just likes Garth Brooks, anything other country music that’s on the radio and oddly the odd bit of Radio 1 pop.


my mum had a conversation with me about Girl Band a while back cos she’d been reading about the singer’s mental health stuff in the Irish music section of the Daily Mirror. doubt she’d enjoy the album though…


There’s a time and a place for being a shameless troll.


I heard it for the first time yesterday. I seriously don’t think he gives a shit: he could record a cod-reggae album and still go several times platinum. It’s an impressive trolling exercise.



And Galway Girl was released on…St Patrick’s Day.

The whole album is a calculated, and very effective, exercise in marketing. It is also one of the most totally soulless and artistically worthless albums of recent times, if ever, but I doubt anyone involved gives the tiniest shit about this given its commercial success.


Well quite. My opinion isn’t really going to bother him.

He’s sold millions and slept with Taylor Swift**. I’ve done neither, well not yet anyway.

** (allegedly)


Wo that’s put everybody who likes The National right in their place and no mistake.


Minus the alt right rhetoric i would agree with you. Have never understood how you could give a shit about the national one way or the other.

Was thinking the tune/melody of shape of you is actually ok, just the lyrics are shit and the production is wank. Very few pop tunes breathe these days tho.


Yeah well its the same with adele, both clearly talented versatile people with populist gifts who produce the most cynical, calculated, boring, socially retrograde, bland, uninspired slop possible. All her tracks are the same song with a different tempo depending on whether shes sad or defiant about the break up.


You’re literally the most rubbish troll on the internet