I just heard the new ed sheeran song in the car and it really deserves its own thread


You shouldn’t have said that, just going to say that the next time I do a plug.dj session you better tread with caution


I think the only one I really remember is the one where he says he is fucking in an elevator


I remember the Irish one and nothing more, remember I actually listened to his album… twice (see my album rotation method which means I try to show no prejudice and give everything a fair chance)

Needless to say that was 2 INCREDIBLY difficult hours for me


I think it’s totally fine to show prejudice in your own tastes as long as you’re not going about lecturing fans about why something is terrible.

…wait he has a TWO HOUR album?! That seems hilarious to me somehow


oh no wait I misread you. PHEW!


Oh yeah, it’s an exercise I practice just so I can broaden my horizons so to speak. I deffo don’t lecture people about this (not anymore at least, bratty 18 - 26 year old me would’ve had a field day)


I still lecture my brother and his wife about how shitty and money grubbing Ed Sheeran is though. Feels good!


We’re sometimes forced to listen to Heart in the office. It’s the same songs every day but you’re guaranteed at least 6 Ed Sheeran songs between 10 and 4. The album came out almost a year ago but it’s not showing any sign of dropping off.


Heart are OK; those Wilson sisters could sing.


Came up on Facebook memories last week that I met him exactly 8 years ago

Wish id bopped him on the nose


Surely he qualifies for this thread:


Anyone feel brave enough to have a stab?
Or shall we all continue to stick in the knife? :hocho::hocho::hocho:


Only if I can watch. :slight_smile:

I imagine I’m like a lot of other people here… I don’t mind what somebody else chooses to listen to, and they are welcome to start a “We Love Ed” thread if they wish; good luck to them. The thing is, as long as I don’t have to listen to him myself. Unfortunately that means avoiding certain radio stations, avoiding places where they are likely to tune in to those radio stations, and praying that he does not pop up on the playlist at the gym or at the supermarket.

He will be performing in March at the new Perth Stadium, which is of course an outdoor venue. That’s a worry, because I fear that I may live close enough for the sound to carry. I pray that it won’t be a hot night, so I can close the windows and listen to something else.


What a way to start building a musical legacy for Perth to be proud of.


Sic burn


Imagine if all those people went to a quite shit open mic night. Their minds would be blown.

I really feel a bit bad about being so needlessly cruel. Sorry Ed, say hi to Taylor for me


I’ve got no more against the man that I do against all CAPITALIST PIGDOGS WHO PRETEND TO BE IRISH, but I find it extremely bewildering that he’s got so big. He’s like somebody who would play world’s biggest pop star in a made-for-daytime-TV film, where the minuscule budget wouldn’t stretch very far and everybody working on the film know it’s bullshit and this guy isn’t on screen for very long so they just hire the first weird chump who walks into the audition even though he’s covered in tattoos that look like he let every kid in his nephew’s year at primary school design one for him and all his songs are knocked out in an afternoon by hired writers who just put down the most cliched shit they can think of and put it to the broad strokes of any big pop music trends that have ever existed.

Everything Has Changed is fucking mint tho.


why do you feel bad?

Isn’t he from a pretty well off background but also does the whole “I made it all myself it’s all about the passion if you have that you can do anything” thing? He has no edge to him at all but pretends that he does. I wouldn’t personally attack his character on a personal level or his looks or anything but musically I find him pretty reprehensible.


His music is pretty terrible but he’s obviously quite smart with regards to how today’s music business works and/or has a great manager to be as successful as he is (like releasing numerous remixes of his last song and drafting in Beyonce to make sure it was Christmas number 1, constantly featuring on other artists songs to stay relevant to mainstream radio etc) but it must be a bit rubbish how even your engagement is now spun into a promotional story (although he seems to enjoy the attention).


i find it weird how often “I DIDN’T GO TO UNIVERSITY, YOU KNOW” crops up in his lyrics.


That’s Aerosmith your thinking off