I just met a 90 year old man

He wrote this book

Cool right?

Do you have any emotional investment in these threads at all?


His book looks fucking boring mate.


I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover


none at all

and do you know what, i don’t really blame you

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i nneed we

drunken lunch break?

That’s awesome did he have any war stories?

yes. yes he did.

jsut quickly as i’m leaving work.

his WIFE was on the front line in the Prussian army fighting against Russia.

She was captured, and escaped.
Went back to the prison camp… i forget why, , then escaped
got a job at a furniture factory… saved up some money, then snuck BACK INTO THE PRISON camp - found her sisters, then escaped AGAIN!

amazing… have asked him to come to the office next week andill take him out for a cup of tea/a beer after work.

That’s amazing! Update us when you next see him. Though kind of riding on his wife’s coat tales lol