I just needed to make you all aware

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was told growing up that it was animal cruelty to dress up pets, not 100% sure either way

I feel like if they can’t remove the costume if they choose to then it’s a dick move.


this doesn’t detract from the fact that these look very cute btw

my mate had a tortoise called joe. he was about 60 or something when we were in high school, he had been my mate’s grandparents before that. anyway at some point he had to go to a vets and the vet said actually joe should be called jo because they were female. took my dog to a house party at my mate’s house once and she was totally freaked out by the tortoise, sneaking up to it and then freaking out whenever the tortoise moved


One of my atds is completely against animals in clothing unless it’s for animal-specific reasons. I love it as long as the animal is fine, if they’re distressed then it’s time to come off. I think for tortoises it’s ok, cos they do need a bit of extra warmth just before they go into hibernation? I dunno it’s been a long time since I knew people who had tortoises. (cc @zxcvbnm2)

This is my dog. With every single thing on earth.

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I doubt the tortoise even knows it’s there.

  • tor toise
  • tor tiss
  • tor tuss

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Tor tuss

hill boner


Talking of this one of my less favourite tik tok memes is this ‘I can put it in a bun’ where they take a bobble and put it round a dog or cat’s ears. The dogs are fine with it but it terrifies the cat, and even though it’s not HURT it makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when it’s just for the ‘likes’

my colleagues started talking about knitting and i could barely contain myself