I just noticed that... (b.anal)

?! has a slightly different meaning to !?

Like if I say “That’s not Billie Dee Williams!?” it’s slightly different to “That’s not Billie Dee Williams?!”

This can be a BANAL thread I guess?!

Just ate a wagon wheel.

Not great.


nitty gritty

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No default. Though I think that the default should be the jammy one and this one should fuck off. Nobody doesn’t not want jam in their biscuit. Maybe paedos idk.

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This is a sensible stance


The free coffee in this office tastes of literal death so we’ve started buying our own (usually Douwe Egberts [back in your box coffee wankers] because Costco sell a jar of it that’s the size of a dustbin). Someone (probably the vermin down in HR) is quite clearly stealing it.

  • Share and share alike, coffee for all
  • The thieves should be crushed without mercy

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Just spent the best part of four hours driving to a hotel in the East Midlands. Going to have a shower and get changed and then drive half an hour to another hotel.

Can’t beat that for banal.

Not sure if I want you to explain this or if I enjoy the mystery.

need to go home via Lewisham to go to… The Works.

The Fucking Works!



Need to pick up a massive box set of all the Morse novels eh? We’ve all been there.


Just decided I fancy Matt Damon. Not sure if I actually do or if he just looks like he’d be a nice husband.

Will report back in due course.


Let’s leave it as a mystery and then it might make it seem like I am doing something interesting.

I respect the passion but that’s the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.


right now it sounds like you are doing something weird.

That’s it. That’s the final straw. You are officially OFF my Christmas card list.

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I believe that either !? or ?! is called an ‘interrobang’.

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Think he came out with some absolute howlers about #metoo

Do you ever eat a plain wagon wheel though?


I do not fancy Matt Dakin.

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