I just read the lyrics to Toto's Africa


What is this song about?



no idea but it’s probably the greatest song of all time


they way they shoehorn in Serengeti - genius


They say that “Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti”.

So… sure as a mountain rises like… another mountain. Yeah!



So many good covers. Look at these seemingly disinterested children nonchalantly blasting out perfection:


Wikipedia claims the writers say it’s literally about a clueless white guy writing about what Africa must be like based on popular media.

Did you know that John Williams’s son is presently in Toto and he wrote the lyrics to the Ewok song ‘Nub-nub’?


Wait so they wrote it in character as a dumb white guy who knows nothing about Africa? Little bit ‘asking for a friend’ isn’t it.


Wikipedia entries, though?

okay, but then immediatley followed by

Which sort of implies either revisionism or owning your failures to the point where you turn it into a sort of joke?


‘Remembers in the past’ has done me.


It’s possible to remember in the future though. That’s essentially what you’re endeavouring to do when you claim you’ll “never forget” something.


Here’s Low doing it:

Probably a thread in itself to work out Low’s best ever cover; this would be up there for me.


and it’s being repressed on coloured vinyl for indie bellend day, I mean record store day so you can go out and buy it !


Seems to be about catching a plane, and then riding on it


Came here to post this. So good.



love low but this is awful


Really love Stay tbh


their version of Down By The River is grand too


A LOW point?