I just want to say thank you

Im serious and am bit being hyoerbolic when i say you guys have probably saved my life multiple times and i want to say thank you. Especialy after the last few months. Youre all wonderful intelligant caring people x


I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying that we are glad you’re getting by, hour by hour, day by day. Small steps my man. And we’re all around if you need us, whatever it is. Love you :heart:


Sorry for not responding on whatsapp i was completely detached

Hey that’s ok mate. Sometimes it’s just good knowing that people are looking out for you. There’s never any pressure to respond


Love you ducky

And everyone else!


I wrote a very long post to you earlier but wasn’t sure if I should send it. Essentially it breaks down to ‘jogging’ but it’s more nuanced than that

Love you, duck :heart:


We’re happy when you’re feeling good :blush:

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Love you Mr Ducktor xxx

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Duck, you are the resident Resident lover and have got me into them, cheers for that! You are also funny and nice. A good (duck) egg!

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Super proud of you ducky… Reaching out is hard and we are all on your side X

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