I keep getting notifications for old things

Like, I have a “What’s their best song” notification switched on, and I just got a notification for threads that happened in December last year.

What’s that all about, eh? HUH?

Just press the dismiss button at the bottom


It’s not that I’ve not had them before, it’s just they’re suddenly appearing as if they’re new notifications… it only just started happening, and seems a bit of a wrong thing…

I know, same for me, it’s basically showing all the ones you haven’t clicked on previously. So if you tick them as dismiss it will sort it. Doesn’t seem a huge problem given one or two clicks solves it :man_shrugging:

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Ah, fair. Right. Sorry.

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Oh, no apology needed at all, just thought I hadn’t explained very well! Will be annoying if it keeps doing it for sure but seems to be okay now with mine :crossed_fingers:

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