I keep waking up at around 6:15 no matter when I go to bed

Like an hour before my alarm. Why is that?

Did you forget to set your body clock forward?


It’s always 615 somewhere.

Sounds like a Mars Volta song m9

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Do you have blackout blinds? It’s getting light earlier.

Yeah bought some last week but hasn’t made a difference , which was quite disheartening

What’s the problem? 6:15 is a good time to wake up/a lie in

Not if you don’t run that schedule. Maybe they work late and don’t get to bed until gone midnight/just prefer sleeping later.

He has school during the week!!1

5:30am-6:30am-ish is probably the best time of the day, i reckon,


Lol no


Make it 5.15, you’re up in time for the Shipping Forecast then…

lucky you!

I’m afraid bugger is right, when you get up and no-one else is around and everywhere is quiet, it’s like you’ve stolen free time from the world!


So much this. Feel like i wasted half my life being a layabout and not getting up til 10

If I’m not getting to sleep til 1-2ish it ain’t great

Yeah. The sounds are the best bit. Because there’s nobody up or no cars on the road you hear the noises that later in the day get drowned out - the birdsong, the trees moving, the bugs and insects humming about. Really peaceful. Can’t beat having a bit of time to yourself when it’s like that.

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it’s good in the summer… 6am in the winter can get lost though

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more time for wanking?