I know I keep going on about this but herbal tea drinkers


are really pissing me off!

It’s just so fucking puritan.


“herbal tea” is internally redundant, no?


Herbal tea is a lovely way of drinking more water. If you don’t like the very planty tasting ones maybe try fruit tea or ginger tea?


strange thing to get irked about

(this post is purely to lap up a few easy likes)


I don’t mind drinking it in the right setting, but it’s people who replace coffee and normal tea with herbal tea that make me go a bit funny, it’s so extreme


I enjoy taking a cup of camomile to bed… I would never dream of asking someone for a herbal tea should they offer me a hot beverage in their home.




boy oh boy! you got it bad, girl


i enjoy herbal tea, sorry laina


yes but you also drink coffee


Suprised this doesn’t say “you know how zxcvbnm loves camomile tea?..” in the title


not at the moment !!


why not?


might have a stomach ulcer


@Elaina_Casoolare what’s your thoughts about milk with a curry?


I know I threw you under the bus there but I was a bit worried about the new crowd


I wouldn’t do it myself but it makes sense, cools down the heat like yoghurt


oh no, my dad had an stomach ulcer and he just ignored it and his stomach just kept filling up with blood. He’s usually a big eater and he knew something was up when he’d full after only a tiny bit of food, he then collapsed because he’d lost so much blood :worried:

he’s fine now though


it’s not really tea, is it

but let people drink whatever they like, ffs



nettle is good, nice and grassy. I just drink it when I feel like I’ve had enough regular tea and coffee and want to bring a new element into the hot drinks cycle.