I know this sound pathetic... but

I just cried because i lost my bag of weed. First time i had any drugs all lock down and went out to get some tobaacco to smoke some and got home and i cant find it anywhere… i actually crumpled down to my knees and cried. IF u know a guy who knows a gut etc etc please let me know as I spent the whole excited for this :frowning:

That sucks. Hope you find it, not impossible it will still turn up?

In 2003 I fell asleep at Glastonbury lying somewhere towards the back of the crowd of the Pyramid Stage during Jools Holland, and when I woke up I went off to the New Bands Tent but realised when I got there that I’d lost my weed in the little neck-chain thing the guide had came in. I optimistically ran back to the Pyramid field and incredibly somehow found it again (actually somebody had picked it up but saw me looking for it and gave it back). Hope you have similar luck.

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im gunna fall asleep and hope that anyone gets in touch with me or it appears whilst i sober up. Normally it weouldnt be that big a deal by unforutnaelty lock down has lead to me becoming an emotionally unstable individual!

God its so miserable that this was the one thing i’ve booking looking forward to all summer but its the sad reality!