I know we say 'OK boomer' etc

But they really are the fucking WORST generation of people


As a proud member of Gen X I can happily say that yes, yes, that sounds absolutely fine.

Absolutely fine.

Lads, I think they missed us again


Nothing is common sense or logical unless it’s done the exact way they’re used to

Everyone’s out to get them and scheming to take money from them



Fair dues in retrospect to their elders for going like

“you know what we think big band jazz or war music or whatever the fuck we listen to is way better than this rock and or roll shite but we’re not going to go wanking on and insisting Vera Lynn is the canonical greatest singer that ever was and ever will be”

Or something

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Theo are you like ninety these days

why don’t you pull yr finger out and start a business for example in one of the many industries that have been already monopolized by huge corporations


just about scraped into Generation X, phew!

What if you’re born 1882?


no one gives a fuck about you

They had it a lot easier but still act hard done by. A generation also still rife with racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia etc. Every generation comes with its own brand of shittiness though

Tell you who are a right bunch of cunts:
Lost Generation
GI Generation
Silent Generation
Baby Boomers


Never heard of them


Generation alpha are going to have ideas above their station, keep an eye on them

I’ve got a couple of those muthas in my house! Although the one born in December 2012… where does he fit?

Please answer.

According to the chart, 2013 is the first of the gen alpha crew, so gen Z for that one. Inter-generational rivalry!

Oh yeah, that early 2010s thing threw me. Imagine being born so close to a generational border. People in his class span two generations. I might train him to beat the shit out of the Alphas.


how come there are generations when everybody is born at a different time?

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We should try and align them. Births only allowed every, I don’t know, thirty years?


Would you rather band together with everyone who was born at 10.00-11.00am or whatever?

only if all the same people still get to be born otherwise it’s not fair

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