I like that Peter Crouch program

Do you?

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And Aisling Bea looks fit doing hula hooping


I only saw a bit of it last week, but it had Peter Crouch in it and I like Peter Crouch so works for me

I said not seen it but I’ve seen a bit of it. 4/5 mins

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Kinda TFI Friday ish minus a live audience (which presumably is only due to covid and not the original plan)

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Dur dur de de dur dur
Dur dur de de dur dur

Are those 2 annoying pricks from his podcast on it?

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Not sure. Maya Jama and Alex Horne.

I thought it was a joke show (like a sketch or something for a wider Peter Kay thing) and then realised, no, it really is just an hour of Peter Crouch pissing around on a shiny floor.


These are the other 2 pricks

really fancy aisling bea.


It’s a really nice chilled and fun Saturday night show amongst all the negative shit.

Hope it stays beyond corona.


Jimmy Carr was on it last week with a shaved head because he’s had a hair transplant

I like anything with Alex Horne in

It’s fine. It feels like what we deserve as a nation for Saturday night entertainment and not a penny more.

crouch to 5k


Thought I’d maxed out on reasons to dislike Jimmy Carr.

Loads of shit jokes about Crouch’s height. How he’s played tennis with Boris Johnson, Cameron and Elton John. Wish he’d fuck off.


saw an advert and might watch it for Alex Horne.

And that f**king laugh.