I like the new split boards set up

That’s all I wanted to say really.

Thanks x


I’m not totally sure. Feel like I miss even more threads than usual, but maybe I’m just not observant enough.


Texas - Black Eyed Boy

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Yep agree.

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I hate it.

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TBH I switched my view on the home page to latest over all categories so the split doesn’t really affect me much so I see more threads.

Buuut it’s so much easier to find specific sorts of threads now so I am definitely a fan


it’s good imo in that if you like it it’s there and if you don’t you can just switch to the alt view and get everything in one place, win/win


I don’t like anything anymore, I think I’m going to lean more into “disliking stuff”

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Glad to hear it! :nerd_face:


You can view all the latest if you go to home then select it from there

Also a fan


It’s easier to find things but it feels like a few threads aren’t as lively as they used to be pre split. Might be for other reasons too though


@moderators is it ever going to be evaluated or is it just changed for good?

I remember lots of chat at the time about how it would be reviewed after a certain period of time but can’t seem to find exactly when that would be or what form it would take

I hated it initially but have got more used to it as time has gone on.

It’d be interesting to see if all the subdivision of boards and threads has actually achieved what the original goal was

I guess it will be ok when everyone gets used to using it. Although the way most people say to use it is to create a work around to how it was before. The only thing I would say is, this did seem to be born out of trying to make the boards a safer space. The boards aren’t a safer because of categories.


I thought it was about trying to make it less of a monolith for new users? I feel that overlaps with making the boards a safe space but isn’t the same thing.

It’s given us more threads on films and stuff which I think is good.

That said, I’ve not noticed many new users so it’s failed on that level yeah.


Perhaps, tbh I wasn’t really around as much when it was implemented and only really noticed some chat about why users were leaving. Didn’t realise the focus was on new users.

Hate it, but cba to change it. Very telling.

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It’s made me feel more able to talk freely about things than I’ve been comfortable with previously so, personally, it’s massively improved my experience of the boards. Once I spotted where all the threads had gone that is.


That was the idea, so that’s great to hear!

Anyone who hates it can tell Shrewbie, it was his idea


Yeah that’s hitting the nail on the head I reckon.
The site change has led me to stick more to the threads I definitely know I will have an interest/input into or already frequent.
I’m sure there’s loads of threads that are really interesting in some of the sub category and that I could absolutely share opinions and learn some things but I’m probably just not seeing them at all. Might explain why threads and the place in general seems much quieter tbh.
And I know that a few people are saying you can change your view to see latest/updated threads BUT
1 that wasn’t obvious to me and anyone not seeing this advice in this thread (which they may have missed) won’t know either.
2 There’ll be ocassions when my whole latest topics list will just be a mix of RyanSpamams spam threads.

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