I like the smell of that!

can’t really smell myself, don’t think I smell of anything

Earth on your hands

  • The smell of satisfying exertion
  • The smell of have a shower right now

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This is very relatable to me. My gf who is 42, has kept her little child hood teddy bear for the entire time she’s had him. Now this thing is missing an eye, has been sewn probably 25 times to keep stuffing from coming out. She refuses to not keep him in the bed for the last ten years I’ve been with her. I have now grown accustomed to the glorious smell of a 40 year old teddy bear.


Awww :smiley: I’ve never had a boyfriend where we’ve regularly shared a bed and I can’t imagine not sleeping with Thumper the rabbit on a regular basis :rabbit2:


this is innuendo overload

it’d be good if whenever you were seeing someone new, you nervously brought up the topic of meeting Thumper as if it was like introducing them to your parents

like you built it up and brought them into the dining room, and Thumper was sat on a chair at the table


Mmm petrichor


Omg. amazing idea

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nice weed is one of the most heavenly smells on earth. it’s obviously a siren call


love this word :slight_smile:

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dragon’s den

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just remembered, sometimes you get little newsagents/corner shops selling amyl nitrate under the pretence of being ‘room odurisers’

so amyl nitrate

  • I like the smell of that
  • I do not like the smell of that

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suddenly remembered pnicks telling me i smell amazing and now i’m well chuffed again

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HAH. the mrs went to incredible lengths in the first 3 months of us dating to hide a soft toy from me, waiting until i’d dropped off to take it out of her pillowcase and in some cases apparently lobbing it across the room as i was starting to rouse in the morning. now it’s just part of my life :smiley:


Don’t believe this

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there’s a venn diagram of dogs who can’t look up and people who can’t smell pear drops i believe

Very ripe bananas smell a bit like pear drops

What does it take to turn you ooohhhhhooohhoonn?


Cor what a brilliant and original thread

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