I like your style


So I was just sitting here thinking what a stylish bunch you lot are AND a few of you have mentioned your outfits today without providing a single visual (I’m scowling at you @japes ). This isn’t on, you can’t mention an outfit and not provide a visual, I need inspiration!

Sooooooo DiS, reveal your current clothes! Or don’t… whatever! But do, definitely do if you’re bored enough. Thanks.


i am bored enough

i am wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans and walking boots cos everything is so hilly down here


generic male



I like your style


Started wearing a blazer with jeans recently. Wasn’t sure about it but got a lot of compliments and the blazer is slimming


One of them dames was sexy as hell I said, “Ooh I like your styyyyyle”


fucking TUNE


This but without the green wig

White shirt, stripey green clip on tie, ill fitting black trousers, battered black brogues


you’ll be enjoying Clarkson and approving of Brexit next


I’m wearing shit dark grey trousers, a shit white a purple striped M&S shirt, and fucking sweet brownish red shoes, I believe from Topman.


I’m in my usual outfit of jeans and slightly-too-tight polo shirt. Just noticed how this highlights that my resting hand position is like a claw.

Tuesday thread

you’re one of the only people i’ve met who can pull off wearing a polo shirt


Don’t know why DiS has chosen to crop this


I’m rocking a canadian tuxedo today

grey jeans, blue denim shirt in the western style

brown leather desert boots

got my specs on

green army cap thing when outdoors

it is a style but I’m not sure if its stylish


Dark green uniqlo merino jumper
Beige tweed trousers
Floral print converse jack purcell


What’s the deal with people wearing trainers?


Right now I’ve got one of my favourite lazy person cheats on - a detachable collar that looks like a fancy shirt but is actually just a bib with straps to go around your arms :ok_hand:

wore it for the interview I was supposed to have at 12 that got cancelled last minute by the agency and they claim they don’t know why :sob:


Love that collar :slight_smile:


green but not too green trousers
blue t-shirt
black trainers that don’t really look that washed out irl


Blue and black in this scenario being purple.


This is like dress-gate. Those trousers look brown to me.