I love Adam Woodyatt

Such a happy man

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Saw Stacy Doolittle (can’t remember her correct surname) going through old Eastenders scenes with him and Letitia Dean (Sharon) and it was great. Don’t know why I was surprised at how down to earth they are, wouldn’t think they’re up there with most famous people int country.

Stacey Dooley.

Someone was complaining that it seemed like she hadn’t done enough research for the above programme. Stacey Dooley? More like Doolittle. Haha (do little). (research).

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The TV & I have been painting Eastenders characters during lockdown. Hers are really good and funny. I’ve never tried painting before this. Voila -


Oh and my avatar is my painting of Pat Butcher :grinning::+1:


Fucking hell. Incredible.

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Is that oil or acrylic?

Thanks man! Acrylic. I have no idea what I’m doing. Might do Gaffney next

Haha yes! Mid-air gooning at Van Nistelrooy like the good old days

I’m jealous because I’m seemingly incapable of actually commencing painting, bought oils and new brushes and everything. Done nothing. Too intimidated by the thought of making a medium and how to clean brushes etc. Cheers.

Choose a set of sitcom characters. Big Bang Theory?

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Find soap actors properly depressing,

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“gotta light”

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