I love GitHub, Gulp and Sass




and i cannot lie
you other brothers can’t deny


been using Sass on my most recently project at work, big fan so far



quit jivin’ me, turkey.


A turkey is a bad person


I’ve got Gulp to compile my Sass, sync with the browser so it automatically updates when I save my code (don’t have to refresh), add vendor prefixes automatically and allow me to use ‘includes’ for HTML similar to PHP.


I tried to do that but I’m doing all my development in Visual Studio 2015 and it didn’t want to play nice with Gulp. so I got an extension to do the auto compiling thing for me, works nicely.

main reason I used it was for variables - have so many different shades of our corporate colours and like fuck am I remembering or looking up the hex codes every time. was hoping the brand people would provide some CSS or whatever with the colours in it but they don’t even use their own colours correctly so fuck knows what they’re up to.