I Love I Love 1997

Just flicked on BBC2 ahead of Newsnight and discovered they were repeating 2001’s classic piece of premature nostalgia, I Love 1997, part of a whole series of 1990s retrospectives. It featured fresh-faced stars like Terry Wogan and Johnny Vegas and lots of comedians you’d vaguely recognise but couldn’t name talking about Viagra and other cultural touchstones. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BIZARRE. I hope it gets on iPlayer soon because I want to experience this Inception-like level of reminiscing again:


Melinda Messenger presents. I used to think she was gorgeous.

What changed?

Haven’t seen her for 20 years.

First year I remember it being a year. Got a memory of going to Safeway on New Year’s day.

The 70s and 80s ones were just about okay because everyone had forgotten what happened so it didn’t matter that the people telling you about them were often too young to remember but when they did the 1990s ones, JESUS!

I saw her in Reading once in about 2005. I bear her no ill will.

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Enjoy seeing Melinda Messenger in Reading