I love my username

  • So do I
  • I don’t

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Wait are we voting for ours or yours


i assumed we were voting for our own?


I was voting for BS’s



I was saying Boo-arley Sugar


i love barleysugar’s and mine


Shrewbie is a very good username imho


Let’s vote on each other’s name

  • Cute
  • Puke

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A list of some favourite usernames in no particular order:




I see no theme connecting these usernames.


Thought needlessly_defensive and magnificent_work were great usernames. Took me a while to notice the patterns in their ^thissing…

Actually is @UncleRetrospective a real person? That’s a great name regardless


What about @laszlopanaflex? Outrageous!


I was very sleepy when I wrote this and quite frankly am surprised I even remembered 4, please do add to the list as they’re all great


Too late!




My username is the first one I’ve ever used on the internet that wasn’t an HMHB reference, and I’ve kind of regretted it ever since.




I like it when mine shows up in the Things You’ve Been slow To realise thread.

Also like it when people assume my actual first name is Scott