I love the smell of a pipe

Old fella next door when I was a kid used to sit in his garden smoking his pipe. Smelled very nice.


My first job was caddying for an old fella, and I used to follow him around the golf course downwind, greedily inhaling the pipe smoke he chain-puffed. Got paid £3, a Mars Bar and all the second-hand smoke and nicotine I wanted per round. Good days

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But how did his pipe smell?




Had a pipe draw as a kid. Stank.


What’s that? You don’t want to see a picture of Greavsie smoking a pipe and reading Live And Let Die? Well I guess it’s not your lucky day


when we were teenagers my mate used to say the following at least twice a week

“cigars, pipes and spliffs ok, cigarettes bad”

he never really got in to the first two, and is still a rollie smoker

(hello if you’re reading this)

I used to stand behind a smoking man at Bradford bulls games in the 90s,as an 8 or 9 year old. Not sure what the man smoked but I remember thinking “that’s my brand”

I think cardigans like that should make a comeback


Always used to associate the smell of pipe smoke with the model railway exhibitions I used to go to as a kid (Yes I was a nerd, thanks).

My grandad used to wear them. Shirt and tie on, but the cardigan meant he was relaxing. Lovely.

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I own two that are a bit like that. I’m so on trend

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One of the first things I used to smoke, a plastic corn cob pipe with old Holborn tobacco. Not sure why tbh

Quite like the smell of a pipe. It reminds me of two things from when I was a kid:

  1. Going round to my gran’s house for Sunday dinner as a nipper, because my dad’s uncle always used to be there and he was a pipe smoker.

  2. Going to the pub before the football (pre-smoking ban) and an old boy my dad used to work would always be puffing away.

Not sure I’ve ever smelled one. My dad used to smoke a pipe but gave up before I was born. I bet they smell horrible.

Much, much better than cigarettes to be honest. It’s quite a nice smell. More fragrant.

Hugely reminiscent, my old man used to smoke large pipes filled with weed padded with herbal fags (for kindling purposes to keep it lit), little bits of them would hang in the air like flying crotchets. So many of my childhood weekends were sat in a smoke filled living room all watching the rugby, so it’s kind of the smell of home to me.

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don’t be fooled, this is just the ‘Özil playing Fortnite’ of the 50s

Used to smoke a pipe as an amusing affectation at house parties as a teenager, always a massive hit.