I love the smell of Good Friday Evening in the morning

What’re you drinking huns? No booze for Ruffdawg :frowning: Gonna make some sweet potatoes and veggies and stuff I think. You?

Have a delightful Corona tune from Jeffrey Lewis

Hey ruffers evening! Take a wild guess what I’m drinking? :smiley: Just ate lunch so dinner not for awhile.

Going to get after it this afternoon/evening on the ole drinking front I reckon.

Listening to Bjork currently.


Alright Rufftopher, everyone else. Had a long ass day, dropped off a couple of small shopping deliveries to some old people, now got Chinese on the way and might have a gin.


never drinking again, obviously.

got a 'za in the oven.


You cant be this hungover on just beer pal. What else you throw down the gullet last night?

i’m no longer hungover tbh. had a couple of whiskys too.

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hard to believe booze still exists

This, very soon:


Been going insane with the 'rona paranoia since that guy downstairs caught it.

Was worried about bringing in a sweater from my banister, which is fine unless droplets can travel upstairs two staircases he doesn’t use since they’re past the flat he lives in. And yet! Ridiculous.

Bjork shouted at my mate once because they didn’t have champagne in the dive bar he was working in :frowning:

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At which point I would have responded.

See that door hunnie dont let it hit ya on the way out.

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out of respect for your mate I have now switched over to Sly and Robbie.

Is there any good Bank Holiday telly available?

I’ve answered my own question. Raiders of the Lost Ark starting on BBC1 rn


Evening Ruffdog and evening thread folk!

About to move onto the 4th pub in our pub crawl:

(It’s called the scratching Post as the wallpaper in the hall has been ruined by cats but we haven’t been able to afford to have it replaced as yet)

On the cider atm. Gonna have some limoncello in shortly apparently.


Catching up with some friends shortly and furious now I know this is on!

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Is it a classical guitar?

Listening to The Last Waltz. How Neil Young pulled that performance off in that state is one of the universe’s great mysteries.


such a night!

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