I love Wolf Alice

Who’s with me? They have so many good songs in just 2 albums and a few EPs:

and others.



I’m had a listen but I’m not sure, I think I need more YouTube links to make an informed decision.

just kidding, I quite like them


Yeah I remember Wishpig introducing them to the boards all those years ago.


Saw them support The Cribs at Birthdays in 2013, been fond of them ever since.

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Their first album is fabulous.
Their second album is deeply forgettable.


Love them as a band/small gang
First albums great
Second album lacking in songs


I like them but prefer Wolf Parade.


Great debut but the second album was boring (apart from Heavenward).

Second album better than the first


They are an enjoyable band to listen to the music of. I also prefer the first album to the second album.

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I thought the same but their second album grew on me a lot. I like a lot every song bar the last 2 which I just like moderatelly. I’m glad I changed my mind.

Yeah sure. :wink:

Wolf Alice have songs even better than Don’t Delete the Kisses. I suggest you to listen to their entire discography.

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Wolf Alice > Ladytron


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A band I put firmly into the “like” category but would take something extraordinary to put them into “love”. Bros is a tune of course.

Sorry, but no. Ladytron are superior and make more compelling music. At least for me.

They still have potential to make even better music. They’re not done yet.

Listened to their first album a couple of times after seeing the high praise on here but was left totally underwhelmed both times. Some nice enough tunes but none of it grabbed me and I found myself paying little attention to it after a few tracks.

I’ve therefore not even bothered listening to their second.

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Pretty much all of ^this for me too. That said, caught them live at Latitude over the summer and they were pretty good :+1: