I’m a communist you idiot



You ain’t no communist, bruv


main thing i noticed about that video was that Piers kept talking over her

like, how could his co-host not call him out on being such an awful cunt? let the guest speak!


I’m a cop you idiot


I don’t think you can reasonably blame Susanna Reid for Piers Morgan.


Not sure how people can watch that programme. Barely made it to the end of the clip. Insufferable cunt


I bailed on Question Time before he opened his mouth last night


good on her, take that cunt down a peg or two

i’m not a communist, but I’d love to hear a modern angle on it. I did a lot of reading into the political spectrum due to ocd a year or so back and settled that I’m a social democrat, but I really want a kinda realistic take on how communism could work in western culture without denying people their liberties and such


I’m detective john kimble!


It is so fucking infuriating how much attention he gets for being an attention seeker.

It’s like time wasting in football, a form of cheating that is always rewarded.

These rent-a-gob attention seeking knobheads ALWAYS get the fucking attention they’re being paid for.


I’m adding her to my list of likeable people.


This. Issue I’ve got with the clip is that, while good and funny, it’s just getting retweets for the GMB twitter feed. It’s like when people pay to vote for the shit person in the x factor ‘to wind up Simon cowell’


Stop whining!


Care to share any other names from said list?


It’s not a tumour!


I wonder if he actually believes half of the bullshit he spouts?




Bruce Parry
The guy who plays Bernard before he went on his mumble odyssey
Joe Gilgun
Gianfranco Zola
Adam Buxton
Some other people that I can’t remember under this relentless pressure from you.