I’m a communist you idiot


I’m awfully sorry, I didn’t realise you meant communist!


^This. And the fact that every politician who shows up for e.g. QT will only answer the question they want to answer. Very occasionally you get a ‘Did you threaten to overrule him?’ incident but most of the time it is just hot air


dunno man, wouldn’t be me


was she there before him, I remember she was on BBC breakfast but thought they both started gmb at the same time. from what I’ve seen I think she does alright at not letting his nonsense slide


I’m glad Ash raised her profile a bit with this. That’s the only good thing that could have come from being on that show. You can’t win when you’re arguing with a caricature.


Nah, she was there before he joined. I think I remember reading an interview with her where she said she was pissed off about it and, like you say, I think she does a good job at highlighting his idiocy or certainly a better job than many would do.


It always appears that they are set up to challenge each other on any subject and always play Devil’s Advocate. Ultimately though, it is all just for show. I think she actually likes him


Imagine seeing his bloated face in the flesh every weekday morning. Christ.


Is PM on that show as a complete bufoon to laugh at, or am I just massively out of touch with how right wing this country is and he’s a straight talking everyman to some people?




He’s worse. Clarkson is a tool but I don’t think he always agrees with what he’s saying. Morgan is just a cunt.


The difference is that Clarkson is an arsehole but I can watch him talking about cars without wanting to scratch my ears and eyes off


I know one of of the producers of the show. Rather satisfyingly, Susanna Reid genuinely and openly (off camera) dislikes Piers Morgan, so I’m told.


This is a really shit take though:



Apparently a load of ‘sensibles’ in the Labour Party have been reporting Ash Sarkar trying to get her kicked out of the party for this.

She’s not a member of the party.

Also, I know this guy used to be involved in the Adam Smith Institute, but how deluded is this?


This is getting a bit stupid now


I’m enjoying seeing people like twlldn get really ‘aahhhhh’ at the idea of them selling merchandise, and then having this cartoon pop up in the replies: