I’m eating an apple

Man gets veg box one week, next week has a new high and mighty attitude.

Sickening stuff.

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I go to Mr sharp’s for fruit and veg otherwise. And I always bring my own bag

very true

There’s pine mouth but that is different.

Mr Sharp thinks you’re a prick

He actually thinks I’m a very polite young man

Little does he know

He’s obviously wrong though, the stupid old wanker

I was not aware of pine mouth - i’ve googled it and it sounds unpleasant

Post is not empty mouth?

Right, that is enough. Someone escort him out of here please.

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Apples can be stored for months if kept in a suitable environment at near to freezing temperatures. Learnt that off the telly.

When I was a kid and we had an apple tree we used to store them in tights. Put one in a leg, then twist, then put another in etc

What do you think about that, crisps?

I’ve been keeping mine on the floor near the wet towels. so this must be a good place for them too.

Sounds a bit weird.

The high humidity probably helps. Wrapped in a wet towel in the fridge is probably optimum.

Pretty much ruined my childhood there.