I’m finna get some battered Brussel Sprouts with my lunch

Ordering takeaway fish n chips and the place im ordering from does battered Brussel Sprouts.

Watch this space.


I do deep fried sprouts in risotto quite often. Battered sprouts is basically tempura isnt it - will be good i reckon.

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Yeah but I’ve never had tempura sprouts either.

Comes with cranberry sauce too.

sounds nice

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honestly can’t believe there wasn’t a punchline to this

It’s beginning to look a lot like (an utterly perverted) Christmas!

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We had some sprouts by accident this week and roasted half in balsamic vinegar (very good) and made some soup with the rest (sounded gross, was actually decent).

Considering they taste exactly like a fart, both came out alright.

Had my first sprouts of the season last night, parboiled then roasted in olive oil with garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. Love them. Never had them in batter, will be following with interest.

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  • have had my first sprouts of the season
  • have not yet had sprouts this season

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parboil eh? I don’t usually bother, just whack them in a pan with some sausages, onion, oil and seasoning.

might have that tonight

as a child my father would try and get me to eat them by saying they were just baby cabbages. Yeah not falling for that shit mate. Love them now though.

Soon as they’re in the greengrocer’s I’m buying them. Not on farting-about-with-sprouts-book: just salted and steamed with some meat and spuds. Some enormous sprouts in the shops at the moment though.

Bundobust’s sprout bhajis are amazing. Big loss this year.


f n c for weekday lunch?


Been getting them in my veg box for the last few weeks. Bloody love sprouts


I’m off work tomorrow so TODAY IS MY FRIDAY


had sprouts last night (not deep fried). Been eating them for at least a month.

Chewy are they? AhahahahzhzhahahahHa


chill out yoda

Those are cabbages

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