I’m Luke, i’m 5 and my dad’s Bruce Lee


Now, you all make three statements about yourself, one of which isn’t true, then at the end of the session we’ll all guess which


I’m an affable man with a plausible plan
I keep my eye on the news
I keep the future in hand


Hi im a duck, im not a duck, im an elephant


Nothing worse than this dumb game


That’s one of your truths.

  • I have a smelly cat
  • I have 2 smelly cats
  • I have no cats

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Pls select the truth


I’m a naughty girl with a bad habit. A bad habit for drugs.


Had to do this as an ice breaker on a team building away day circa 2005, needless to say I hid in the toilets


Was convinced this would be a Jordan thread


The answer is…I have a smelly cat (the other one smells fine)