I’m the absolute boss when it comes to ordering Indian food

Went to a shop yesterday and said “two samosa” instead of “two samosas”.

That’s pretty much it.


2 samosae


I’ll have 2 cappuccini please


Still better than the chicken fuckhouse guy


:point_left: :v: :+1:

you gonna take this shit @Funkhouser?


Choosing to rise above it. For now.


Rate my last Indian order (for three people with enough leftovers for lunch the next day)

Mixed Kebab
A selection of tandoori grills, a mixture of chicken, lamb sheek kebab
Aromatic Duck Tikka Korai
Marinated pieces of duck cooked with onions, peppers and tomatoes with ground mixed spices
Adraki Ghost (Lamb)
A medium hot dish, cooked with generous portions of ginger, chef’s selection of spices, tomatoes, fresh coriander and garam masala. A unique dish
Chicken Tikka Masala
Cooked in a delicious yoghurt used sauce, grilled and
flavoured with almonds, cream and mild spices
Aubergine Bhaji
Aubergine cooked in mixed spices
Papadum x3
Mint Yoghurt
Mango Chutney
Plain Naan (for the boring person)
Peshwari Naan
Pilau Rice

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Would-ve gone for garlic naan over Peshwari but solid overall


too much meat, no dal, no paneer.
yet its indian food so im sure it was all great :sweat_smile:


Overall this is a pretty decent order
You lost points for

  1. Aubergine bhaji rather than onion bhaji
  2. Plain naan when you could’ve had garlic
  3. Only 2 naans for 3 people?!

Hmm might dock you an extra point for no side veg curry too :thinking:


Yeah would’ve switched the chicken or duck for paneer

Aubergine bhaji is completely different to onion bhaji though, like this, so it is a side veg curry:


(We had deli onion bhajis and veg pakoras with the leftovers for lunch)

Re: point two and the tikka masala, was limited by the dull person. And the naans from this place are Sanskrit enormous.

Why am I getting so defensive over this?


Mixed Kebab 6/10. No reasoning.

Aromatic Duck Tikka Korai 5/10. Dunno how I feel about duck curry. Uncomfortable, which is why it gets a 5.

Adraki Ghost (Lamb) 9/10. Sounds great.

Chicken Tikka Masala 8/10. Very good.

Aubergine Bhaji 4/10. Don’t really like aubergine.

Papadum x3 6/10. Points deducted because there should be at least 2 pops per person.
Mint Yoghurt
Mango Chutney

Plain Naan 10/10.
Peshwari Naan 8/10.
Pilau Rice 9/10.

Since when were you the chicken fuckhouse guy? Are you secretly Bayside Grill in Falmouth’s biggest fan?

I believe that Profk likes to refer to me as ‘fuckhouse’ which is fine. I don’t know about the fowl version.


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OK. So chicken fuckhouse originates from a friend’s pal who went into Bayside Grill drunk out of his mind and simply asked for a chicken fuckhouse and the guy just nodded and gave him exactly that.

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Didn’t order chicken tikka for years but I’ve recently come around to it again, it varies quite a bit at different restaurants and is good if you want something comforting and familiar/to share with a more interesting/gamble on a curry you don’t know.