I’m Wide Awake, It’s Tuesday

Of course I could sleep longer and deeper this morning than any day over the long weekend, of course

Work and booking some tickets for fun activities later in the week is the grand sum of today’s event

Hbu huns

Forgot to bring my coffee in to work. Got an aeropress and a big plastic spoon and a whole lotta nothing to use them with.

Cancel Tuesday, we go again tomorrow.

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WFH, SIB(Still in bed)

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Morning @JaguarPirate et al :wave:

Tired this morning. We coffee and continue…

Currently having a coffee (instant…nespresso machine needs descaling and i cba’d do the filter machine) and just ate a sugar free banana and chocolate brownie (homemade y’day). Rewatching Inside No 9, its that football episode at the moment - I forgot how good this one is.

Got a baby sensory class with my Sister in law today then meeting a friend for lunch. Need to go supermarket too as got nothing in for tea this week. Also want croissants, lots of croissants.

Still feeling awful. V tested positive so he is at home and all.

Going to watch some trash telly and snooze with the dog. Any recommendations?

thought science had gone too far for a second there


They released Adnan Syed (from Serial) pending new investigations/retrial

Dunno what thread or board to talk about that


Went out for sunday dinner in York with the girl i’m seeing and decided to have a cocktail with each course then went out for the rest of the day so yesterday was a complete write off. I spent all day on her sofa with her dog, i want the dog might steal him, and drove home at 10pm, very tired. Gotta go into the office can’t be bothered.
York’s a vibe


Since I missed the food thread by being drunk and hungover

Ham hock and rhubarb & ginger negroni

Beef Sunday dinner and burnt pineapple daiquiri

Stick toffee pudding and a mescal old fashioned


Still ill…but did play tennis for 2 hours and kayak for ages yesterday so not like, that ill…
WFH downstairs and wife upstairs. But before she went up decided to put some shoes in the washing machine so literally just THUD THUD THUD for like 2 hours. WTF?! Thank you my sweet, thank you.

excellent drinking

Thought you’d appreciate.
Wasn’t the best idea to then spend all day on the craft after those 3 but it was fun.


Wish i could have this for breakfast right now.


:cold_face: :skull_and_crossbones:

Hey hey party people

Back to the grindstone. Thankfully it’s looking fairly quiet for me, so I can edit some of the photos I took at last night’s Gwenno gig around my work

Did I have a moan about my arm over the weekend? I banged my forearm on Saturday, and got a bit of a graze. On Sunday it started to hurt quite a bit, and it was obvious the graze wasn’t the cause of the ache, and it was painful to make a fist. The Monday it was kind of swollen, and more obvious that I’d damaged the tendon somehow, and now this morning my wrist looks like this (spoilered, but it is just a bruise)

Good morning everyone. Going into the PhD office today to diagnose a faulty ultrapure water machine in the lab and do some data analysis. Won a tenner at a pub quiz yesterday so might get myself something fancy for lunch

morning troops, busy day today as my colleague is flying to Tours and I didn’t get to go - fucks sake - but likely going next month now

busy at work, house buying being a pain

Nice day out. Walked the kid to school and into town to pick up some leeks for a pie. Ended up walking 5 miles. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of shit happening at work again, so got some dread. 6pm-6am tonight, yay. Watching Heat with a cuppa and hopefully a nap.

Called up my boss to rage quit and have been talked into coming in to the office tomorrow to see what they can do to stop it. They have eight days.



Morning, done the big shop, sorted the socket that got covered in water, finalized a phone interview for tomorrow, got my JSA meeting this afternoon and then a meeting with a freelancer guy to find out if I could go solo or get some work in. Going to see The Xcerts tonight at the Portland Arms do the hits, my first gig in 2 and a half years.