I made a video showing my technique for restringing my guitar

It’s well goofy, sorry. I just did it quickly for a mate because I couldn’t seem to find another way to describe it. But I know a lot of people seem to find stringing guitars a much bigger pain than it should be and when I learned this it made my life so much easier.

Also, I’m pointing out that I string my acoustic guitar with electric strings that have a wound G-String (steady) at the start.

Was sure this was going to be a Pietro video.


I am sorry for getting your hopes up.

Maybe @pietrovalente can ‘cover’ my video and make it more sexy?

you sound like Simon Evans

i’ve been putting off restringing my Jag for ages cos i hate the hassle of vintage tuners. always takes me ages.

I don’t know who Simon Evans is.

By vintage tuners you’re talking machine heads? What’s different with the vintage ones? Or are they just really loose?

you learn something new every day!

Vintage ones are way easier! Tidier looking too.

it’s these ones where instead of having a hole you feed the string through and wind, it’s split at the top and you have to cut the string to the right length first and then feed it down a hole in the centre and try to wrap it around. not sure what the advantages are but after years of playing a Tele it’s a pain in the arse

Wait, that’s not standard on guitars? I’ve never seen a bass that doesn’t work like that.

i find them way harder, it pops out of the hole constantly when i’m trying to wind! and trying to work out how much to cut in advance. so much easier to stick it through a hole and wind and then snip it at the end. i’m not really used to it yet so i always have a mare.

i don’t mind a bit of excess string sticking out on normal ones, can look cool sometimes, though admittedly i’ve stabbed myself with a stray tip of a string on my Tele more times than one

Nope, most modern guitars have tuners like the ones in Theo’s video. Fucking no idea why, the slotted vintage style are way easier.

Yeah as @Epimer says, I know those but I associate them with bass guitars. I haven’t ever had to use one of those. I’m not sure what the best method would be here. I’d probably just ignore the hole unless you can feed it all the way through and cut it on the other side?

pretty standard on basses actually yeah. i’ve only restrung a bass once, i can’t remember if it was a struggle or not. my Tele and most other guitars i’ve had have the same kind as Theo’s acoustic in the OP

As if I’m watching that


You can use my technique to get the right length to cut because the slack created by pinning with the forefinger and holding up as high as possible with your thumb is easily enough. So everything out the end of the capstan can be chopped.

Easiest way to measure how much to cut is by extending the string past the tuning head you’re going for. Extend it past the next two tuners and snip it there. You don’t need that much string actually on the tuner so it reduces the time you put into winding it too.

I just like the visual appeal in having no bits pointing out. Was considering fitting my Strat with vintage style tuners and ditchi the modern ones I have on it.

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was considering doing the opposite to my Jag :smiley: i’ll probably just learn to get used to them though. yeah i was thinking it was past the next two tuners but couldn’t quite remember.

btw is it actually called a capstan or has Theo made that up?

I chop mine and then rip my hands on them. I had at least one softcase where the headstock bit got ripped to fuck by the cut ends :smiley:

My friend said the same thing!!!

Traditionally, a single machine head consists of a cylinder or capstan, mounted at the center of a pinion gear, a knob or “button” and a worm gear that links them.