I make it just past FRIDAY o'clock

Hallowed be thy name

Welcome to Friday.

Fell asleep before 10 last night and woke feeling quite fresh at 6:30. Working from home today, then meeting someone for tea / coffee at about 4 in Kings Cross.

Plans for this evening have been cancelled.



Gonna go to work shortly. Looks a bit icy out there, hopefully it’s alright on me bike :pray:

No plans tonight but I’ll probably head to Aldi for snacks. Meant to be doing a big bike ride tomorrow but it looks fucking freezing and rainy all day and I really dunno if I cba :grimacing: but if I don’t I have no other plans. Ffssssss

I have just been informed that I’ve got the house to myself this evening so will need to feed myself, so I’m now genuinely considering getting the usual pizza order and eating it all anyway.


Annual leave!!!

Going to Newcastle to pick up keys for my new flat.


Morning all,

Got a fairly quiet day planned. Do some work, then make sure we’ve got everything sorted for tomorrow. Taking my wife to Harry Potter Studios, then in the evening, surprising her by taking her to see the 1975, which she’s been drumming in how gutted she is to be missing, pretty much every day since i told her it sold out. I had been hoping to go to the DiS meat for a few hours in the early evening, but she’s now planned for us to meet an (i think) ex DiSer and his wife around Baker Street for some drinks, so it’s looking less likely again. Wondering when is best to surprise her with the gig tickets, might hand her the envelope in the morning, asking her to pass my the studio tickets, so she can have the day to be excited about it.

Anyway, have a great day, everyone.


Xylo meat!

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Babybhad a terrible night, so as such, I had a terrible night. Ummmm, working the late shift, and my partner is off to the Southbank today, so I have the morning off. That’s about it really


Chilly isn’t it?

I don’t have any exciting plans today. I’ll be making some kind of pasta dish involving tomato and mince later.

We watched an hour of Rogue One last night and will hopefully finish it today. I might have a NA gin to celebrate the weekend.

Friday is pizza day m8, we’ve been over this.



It’s been a looooonnnngggg week eh? Very much looking forward to a weekend off.

I’m allowing myself a day off dry January for the @xylo @rich-t meat tomorrow. Sunday lunch with my ultra Tory father in law might therefore be a rather hungover affair.

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Hi! Got a Saino’s delivery coming between 11-12 and that’s about it. Very rainy here today, might go and look at the sea for a bit.

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morning all

so tired. so very very tired. cba with work at the moment at the best of times so even less so when I’m half asleep. getting hassle from a side project I’m working on outside of work too, so that’s helpful.

99.9% certain I’m getting a bacon roll on the way in this morning

Got my thermals on for a :dog2::walking_man:.


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Early for work so sat in my fave caf having a coffee and pain au choc. It’s all downhill from here

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WFH today. Got up, went for a haircut, came back, had a shower, prepared the marinade for tonight’s butter chicken, am now at my laptop. Anyone got any recommendations for something to listen to?

A Simpsons reference I get!


Final stage job interview at 11. It’s over skype as one of the interviewers is in London so business on top, party down low for my attire I guess.