I make it Thursday

Do you?

Fucking exhausted. Drove into work this morning and saw a poster for Dunkirk. The tagline was ‘Survival is Victory’ (or vice-versa, ‘Victory is Survival’) which is an obsfucation of history that even DiS poster boy Churchill wouldn’t have dared let pass.

Is obsfucation a word? It should be if it isn’t, particularly in the context I’ve used it in here.

So, anywench, fuck it, I’m not watching the movie.

Here until 2 / 2.30 today. Need to find something to do tonight that’s going to actually be worthwhile.

What are you folk going to make today during golden time?

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So much ^this

Was exhausted last night, due to two very nights in a row at the start of the week. Could I sleep? Could I balls. In early as I’m leaving at 4 to go to see a councilor.

I’m quite hungover. Spent last night trying to get my friend to break up with his girlfriend because she threw a wine glass at his head (this is not the only reason). He also wants to break up with her but doesn’t really have the stones. While talking about this we drank buckets of beer so I don’t feel great. Woke up at 5 too which doesn’t help.

Planning on making chocolate chip cookies today.

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:wave: Morning! Can’t stop listening to Ol’ Madge -


Last day of holiday, very tempted to go home early tbh. Due to rain, wind, grumpy father in law, very slow internet…

Might go to Aberdovey, or Powis Castle. Weather currently lashing it down though. Oh Wales!

Hi :wave:

Jury duty - then hopefully haircut - then hopefully getting a new suit!

Hello thursdayers. Got some more flat viewings lined up today. Need to apply for more jobs too. Currently watching a bloke from def leppard on bbc breakfast, i’m not sure why.

Hullo. Boss is away for 2 weeks as of today, lovely, lovely stuff.

Nothing much to report, gonna cycle, eat pizza and play Bayonetta tonight I reckon.



If you were a real friend you’d sleep with her and cause a quick break up that way

She is terrifying. I’d rather cut my own dick off.


Gonna go to the library at lunch. Bike ride into Kent after work. That’s all :ok_hand:

Morning all,

@ericthefourth is a gentleman and a scholar.

Nothing much to do today. To go looking for work or to spend the day listlessly faffing about? There’s only one real option, isn’t there?


Morning all. Ploughing through work today - relieved and happy about my new job.

‘Wrote’ a new ‘poem’.


We were supposed to be going up Snowdon today, but it’s currently howling with wind and the clouds are down to like 500 foot, so I don’t think there’s much point…

Might be the slate museum or something instead. There’s a forest park not far from here, so might just go there for a good walk.

I dunno what’s happening this week but I’ve been absolutely shattered all week, despite sleeping a solid 8 hours every night compared to the usual taking ages to get to sleep and waking up at all hours.

Morning. 2 days to holiday now. Actual work to do today, which seems a little rude.