I make it Thursday

Enjoy! That delillo is awesome.

I got that exact autocorrect mistake in an email from my boss yesterday.

more like autoINcorrect mirite

Sup! Went for my longest run ever yesterday then went out for a meal with my parents. Was absolutely shattered after. Working today, then heading to visit my granny later.

We have the added issue of father in law needing to be in a wheelchair to go further than a few shops. Went for a walk on Wed along a special suitable trail, V stepped into a bog that went over his knees in mud and wet, all down his wellies. It then rained torrentially, everyone soaked except in the chair as he had umberella but that made it impossible to push and see. :rofl: I said they’d remember it fondly in a few years!

Went to the CAT yesterday, that was good!



Good stuff - I’m planning on starting that at the weekend. I read Underworld not long back and after a couple of pulpy sci-fi palette cleansers I’m entirely in the mood for more Delillo.

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Oh yeah, thought the singer of a band was gonna smack me at a small gig last night as he said this next song is “a new one about my ex-wife” and with my shit joke Tourette’s I couldn’t help but shout back “is it coming out on a split-release?” He proper looked miffed.


That is a very good joke Jordo.

I’ve got fuck all to do today. TV is doing an exam and studying afterwards so I won’t see her until tomorrow.

Might see if there are more jobs I can apply for. Not having one is starting to piss me off rightly.

seeing Dunkirk tonight at the IMAX

Was looking at that place a week or two back, Machynlleth is a bit of a journey from here though. Could still go via there on the way home though.

Well done on the job! :+1::+1:


Thanks! Hugely relieved.

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I listened to LA ISLA BONITAAA on the way to work

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Well I have absolutely nothing to do. Might start a new game of FFVII.




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nah, all the 1337 h4xx0rz have done it in like 2 hours. if you don’t do any cheats or glitches it still takes like 8 hours. rather just chill and enjoy it

:sunglasses: :tropical_drink:


i’m off to the cinema with my friend tonight to see The Big Sick. Quite looking forward to it because I LOVE Kumail.

I burnt the roof of my mouth on a very hot slice of pizza last night. I’m in PAIN today.

I have to present on a call later to about 50 people. For an HOUR. Not looking forward to that.

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