I make it Thursday

Aye it’s a game to be enjoyed. I’d have the best intentions of speedrunning it and then end up putting 3 days into that snowboarding game in the Gold Saucer.


The film itself makes it very clear that no one saw the evacuation as a victory. It was a retreat.

A great day.


Been called worse.


thinking of doing the same. Rocking some sweet sweet scanlines on an emulator

feel your pain - I stay in that area for a week every year (end of August) - it’s such a nice place but the weather is a total crapshoot

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love how retro the CAT is these days

i found it in a charity shop for £2 :smile:


Sneaky glimpse at your PJs there. The best PJs.


wow, unbelievable! I remember seeing it in Game (terrible place I know) about 5 years ago for £40


WFH today, today is my Friday

it was my eldest’s 18th yesterday. We went out for excellent Pizza - then she went off to the pub with her mate’s. She went back to her mum’s after (as they are off to Madrid today) so I’m not sure how pished she got

enjoyed the Fargo climax last night - but then stupidly stayed up to watch more Ozark, fell asleep and kind of spoilered myself every time I woke up

today can shut up. somebody feed me

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yeah retro games go for crazy money nowadays, used to be able to find some great stuff in charity shops etc but i think people have gotten wise to it now

My local CeX has a SNES F-Zero going for £50.

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‘County’ off that recent (Sandy) Alex G album sounds like it belongs on the FF8 soundtrack.

having loads of fun burning and curating my collection through https://www.launchbox-app.com/ but it turns out the PAL version of FFIX has some kind of copy protection on it so won’t work :frowning:

In many ways that’s my favourite final fantasy

what’s the deal with launchbox?

i really enjoyed FFIX the first time through but replaying it is kind of a pain in the ass coz of the amount of text skipping and ACTIVE TIME EVENTS so i always end up giving up on it

You sound like your avatar.


tell you what, you really appreciate the NHS once you are abroad

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p.s got offered an internship with ExBerliner which is very exciting (I mean, fuck unpaid work, but for insurance/student reasons this is ok for now)


UGH, family weddings can fuck right the fuck off.

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