I make it Thursday




What’s the beef pal?

I’m stuck in my room. Basically my housemate’s parents are the landlords. They said they’d be here at half 11 to talk to some builder guy or whatever, they’ve been here since 10 and they’ve been loudly slagging us off for not recycling properly (we have been) and the stinky dog they bring came in my room and started saying hello when I was trying to pretend I wasn’t in. Think I’ve gotta last about another hour or so before I can leave.

Haha, aaaah just STUFF. Lots of stupid stuff. I just know this wedding is going to cause a lot of stress. It’s the same day as the Glasgow meat too, I’d much rather be going to that.

I’m stressing myself out by stressing out about other people stressing out… I need to calm down. It’s just hard to stay positive when everyone is constantly negative. :grimacing:


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Have fun on DiS, Witches.

In all seriousness, how is a Glasgow meat happening sans-Witches? What’s the point in that? Come on people…

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Ah that’s shite, I know the feeling, family on my mum’s side are a bit of a mess and wedding’s always exacerbate the situation.

I won’t be at the Glasgae cycling/drinky meat either :pensive:

checks watch

is it too early to make lunch?

Aw, that’s a shame, why can’t you go?

Yeah, sorry for being a big moany arse :smiley: haha. Thanks for asking what was up… I will be over it shortly. Just needed a tiny vent. Everyone has these little problems, I am sure I am over thinking it and it’ll be a very lovely day. I will probably report back saying this exact thing the day after! xx

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If DiS was a negative place, I would not be here! I think it’s mostly sunshine and rainbows :smiley:

Thanks, it’s okay, after the wedding I will try and ride in on my broomstick the moment the clock strikes midnight.

@ericthefourth I’ve been having these thoughts since 9am.

oh it’s just a snazzy frontend for launching emulators basically but it lets you do stuff like this

something about the museumy presentation makes me want to play my old games more basically.

I love the setting and the music and the personality they manage to fit into the character models is just adorable.

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The build up to anything like that is always a bit fraught innit.

It’s my wedding anniversary so I’ll be hanging out with mrs_iron, lots of food, lots of drink :+1:

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This morning I’ve had two coffees, a Snack, a bag of crisps and now a cinnamon roll. Still can’t wait for lunch.

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Awwww, yay! Wine in one hand, the other hand lightly caressing the leaves on your your magnificent cotton plant :seedling:

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weird pet name for his wife…


Not really, we all call her that.




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Now I want chocolate buttons for some reason.

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