I mean it's definitely Monday night now right?

While I’m working it makes sense


Evening all

Busy day - always is on a Monday. Dropped cheekster 2 at Brownies, went for a walk, came home sorted my beard out, had a nice long shower and now I feel all glowing like the Ready Brek kid*.

Not much planned for the evening. Could easily go to bed about now.

* oh no, it’s a slippery slope to posting Gen X “remember when” memes on Facebook


more or less exclusively dis on my laptop.

Can’t use my phone at work cause no WiFi.

Basically have every device in the house signed into DiS, each keeping tabs on different currently popular threads.


I like it, seems futuristic.

They don’t, they mostly use macs AMIRITE

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Jacky p for dinner

Got my marking done.

Succession and maybe a cheeky Monday Bailey’s.


Usually don’t mind Mondays but had such a nice weekend that I’ve been very annoyed with it today for rolling around so soon. I’ve got pasta and tinned tomatoes for dinner . Good grief. What a sad little dinner.

Going to do some creative writing tonight though, which hasn’t happened in a very long time (can only mean one thing- a freelance deadline looming that I’d literally do anything else instead of just getting on with it)


God its freezing

Evening all!

Played football in the cold, about 30m of which was minus contact lenses because someone blootered the ball into my eye. I have also scratched my shin and (I think) cracked a toenail in separate incidents.

Pasta bake for tea.

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Definitely peaked early for the week with an energy / adrenaline spike for my interview at 11am. Brain isn’t sure where it’s at, it’s only Monday.

Made a Thai-ish fish stir-fry, worked pretty well though spicier than planned



Fucking yes to momos.

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Blurred coz eek

Oops hopefully fixed

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Was watching a video on YouTube earlier where a geezer referred to his wife as ‘The Management’.

Eeeeehhhhhh Sean Pertwee is the narrator of masterchef the professionals.

My mind is blown

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