I might start pickling things

Anyone into pickling?

I have eaten a pickled egg

  • Yes
  • Nah mate, fucking look at it

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Is this foods only?

All right Damian Hirst


I have never tried it though I am open to it. Anything that needs home fermenting or preservation concerns me, always worry about killing someone with infected food. Although I made jam once and was so proud if it I took it to my halls with me as a student and when it got some mould I just flicked it off, so proud of it that I couldnt bear to bin it. (It was sloe jam)

I’d like to make my own kimchi


Been on my to-do list for fucken ages. Seen how much you get in them little jars in Sainsbos? Fuck all, for like £3.

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Don’t you fucking DARE

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Watched a video the other night of how to make it, seems hard work. Also I’ve never eaten kimchi but looked right up my street.

@grievoustim going off his Instagram

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Pickled red onions anD bread and butter pickles are my lockdown achievements :ok_hand:

Saw this thing once where some girl was into pickling and her gut bacteria was greatly superior to that of her peers

stop pickling your nose :laughing:


Love pickling. Anything that involves a small amount of work then doing fuck all for ages and yet somehow gets results is grand for me.

Fermenting is more of a hassle as you’re always worried whether it’s really fermenting or just slowly rotting. I’ve got some spicy sauerkraut on the go at the minute though that is bloody lovely.


Pickled beetroot is top tier foodstuff. Fermenting is also ace.

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Saurkraut hotsauce plZ?

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Pickled ant

Can recommend home kimchi making, it’s pretty forgiving, and it’s a broad church in terms of ingredients.

For hot vinegar type pickles, red onions are great, you end up with a spectacular colour.

I’ve been giving some thought to saucifying it. Or just selling it as is. Might blend some down, see how it goes.

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What if someone pickled those crisps?