I miss AQOS


There I said it.


I don’t. Ran its course. Did OBT do it at one point? Fucking hell. Grim. Like when they got Des O’Connor doing Countdown.


I respect your opinion. @ericV was a big fan too I think


His answers were dreadful though. Shit quizzer.



Would you like to run a couple? I want to bring it back but I’m just too swamped work wise at the moment.


My grandparents often ask me how various celebrities of the 60s - 90s are doing, but they mostly ask about des o’connor. Except they call him ‘mister o’connor’.

‘Is mister o’connor still on television’
‘Not really anymore’
‘Is he still alive?’

Probably have this conversation 3 times a year


Are you sure they don’t mean Tom O’Connor of Crosswits?


Wrote some golf books him


Argh, me too to be honest!


That was so incredible when you guys made him answer it.


Always felt like a sort of Matalan Bob Monkhouse.


i’ll leave it at that next time they ask.


I will happily run one I’m off work for a month


Cool! Can you pm me your email address and I’ll send over some spreadsheets and things later.


You could ask them if they mean Tom rather than Des and then point out that they are brothers, see what happens


Kept the shitcunts busy for a few hours I suppose.


You can just stay out of these threads you know.


I am!