I miss getting on a magic bus back to my halls after a night out in Manchester when I was at uni


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Do you miss how badly you’d need a wee by the time you got off the bus though?

That’s why I always used to take MLMBB!

(My Lucky Magic Bus Bucket)


It’s making me feel all Burial thinking about it


I used to get it all the way back to hazel grove - used to get called mosher by the chavs even though I was an indie.

Oh yeah I should clarify that in my mind the bus only has like two other people on it and I’m sat upstairs on my own

Shite when it’s packed and rowdy of course

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That’s what a mosher would want us to think


I pure hated Magic Buses packed with uni students coming back from nights out when I was coming home from bar shifts

leave me alone children I feel old


ah there you go

(then it would be depressing instead of anxious)

oh yes okay

I rinsed Untrue on the cold shuttle buses to and from halls in 2007/8

that was good sadness


finglands 4 lyfe

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I say this because I like nostalgia and their colour scheme

and because I hate Stagecoach and their bus monopoly

but I never rode Finglands buses because my Megarider wouldn’t let me

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this is why they were good (not you specifically, the megariders in general) so they were always quieter. think the weekly ticket was cheaper too

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let’s not use this word



old buses 4 lyf

I like my buses drafty, noisy and bumpy, with old style seats that smell kind of stale


When did those buses stop? Swear I have been out at 4:55 on Oxford Road and buses have been going by.


sorry but thats what they were

ok the kids in track suits hurling abuse at me

You still have time to walk this back.