I need a new phone please help


My Huawei P30 Pro is smashed beyond recognition and even though it still works its annoying as fuck and types when I’m not typing and all sorts of other random crap.

I have a fairly unlimited budget so I’m wondering what to go for next. The most important things for me are sound quality and camera.

I don’t mind apple or android.

Pls help.

I switched to iPhone 14 pro after a decade on android and I’m delighted.


I have the Samsung S21 Ultra and 18 months in I’ve been very happy with it. The only downsides are the price and the large size - in terms of camera, battery, performance, I’ve been really happy with it. Oh, the sand I got in the charging port is another downside but just don’t do that, though it has wireless charging thankfully.

Not sure about sound out loud - very rarely use it for audio without headphones. Sounds good on my headphones (Sony WF1000XM3s).

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What kind of differences are you noticing? Apart from poverty, of course.

I regret going from sony to Samsung. The sonys were much better.


I want one of those burger phones


Unsure if they do apps


Do think you’d be hungry for sides after a whole burger tbf


The screen is great (looks lovely), the calls are clear and the camera is sensational.
I was on OnePlus before, which is more mid range android. The step up in quality is significant.
I’m sure the latest samsung and google phones are close though.

I like iOS more than I thought I would. It’s intuitive, fast, and the privacy options and management of notifications easy. You can quickly get rid of the bloat ware.

a bit more boring/less customisable vs android unless you jail break it I suppose.

Big change is that there is no fingerprint sensor, so everything works with face unlock.
Was annoying at first, but used to it now and actually prefer it.

Also the battery is good. It’s smaller in terms of capacity than many androids, but lasts me a full day and more - I guess it just uses power efficiently.

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A very happy iPhone user here (13 pro Max)

Get a 14 Pro or Pro Max if you want a big screen

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I did that exact switch (oneplus to iPhone 12) and I absolutely love the iPhone. After not having had one since the 3GS, it was lovely to just have a change of environment, and it’s just been really nice. I have a 13 Pro for work and the upgrade is well worth it if you can afford it, the camera is incredibly good

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just get the most expensive iphone or google pixel you feel like paying for

there’s little difference apart from personal preference above the mid-range of phones imo


I have the Huawei P20 Pro and love it. A few weeks back the charging point started going, where it randomly wouldn’t charge.

I started looking at new phones, but ultimately decided I couldn’t warrant it and got it fixed for £30 on Saturday.

The phone I nearly got was the Google Pixel 6 Pro. They have a 7 out which means you can get the 6 Pro for £449 from argos. Camera is supposed to be good.

The camera is why I like my Huawei so much. I’m only paying £6 a month for sim only now, hopefully I’ll get another couple of years out of this. But when it’s time for a new phone it will be a pixel pro I reckon.

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I recently switched back to Apple after two Androids and I’m really happy. Last iPhone I had before was an 8. The battery life was dreadful so I switched to Samsung and then Google Pixel. They were fine but nothing amazing.

I really love my iPhone 13 and the battery life is great. Never need to charge during the day or take a battery pack with me now.

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Get a OnePlus.

We’ve had five of them in this house and they’re really good phones.


I’ve just got fairphone 4, it’s pretty good so far and get 5 years warranty

Though went with co-op mobile and their customer service has been terrible so far.

Switched to an Iphone 13 mini after being on android since it was invented I guess. Much better than I’d expected, lack of customisation doesn’t bother me, very slick, everything works very well, lovely form factor (out of case about half the time) and battery is good. Got fed up with large sized phones and this is the same size as my Sony Z5 Compact from years back (which was my favourite sized phone, but buggy). For context, my last two phones were a Samsung S8 and then S10e, both of which I was very happy with.

And having one device on apple and the rest android (tablets, family phones) and PCs doesn’t seem to have been any issue at all.


I got an iPhone 14 Pro.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Delighted with it.

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