I need a new wallet


Don’t want a coin section but space for loads of cards. Amazon obviously has loads. Too much choice. Bought one recently for yourself or over Christmas as a present?

Please recommend me one. (Despite the hugely exciting title of this thread I’m not expecting too many replies but thanks anyway.)


We had a whole wallet DAY recently:

Wallet thread


I have a Nero Wallet. I’ve had it for years. Its served me very well and the new ones are more slimline. I also sliced a tiny slit on the inside bit which is great for keeping certain things in that you might not want to get found if someone emptied out your wallet


Very intrigued by the contents of this slit.


Bike Wanker membership card?


Another, smaller wallet


We don’t have membership cards. Maybe @TontonZolaMoukoko is either part of another club. Or, as my tagline states, he’s a doping prick


i gave up my wallet to become a twat that has one of these

haven’t looked back tbh




Got one of these bad boys. Prettaay slick for carrying a bunch of cards and cash



Nail on the head. It’s where I keep my Salbutamol.


far better than


got a paul smith one in the sales in the end
very happy with it


I have a recurring problem with cards splitting due to them being left in a wallet all the time. Anyone else get that?


absolutely no one else on earth


Not splitting but my swipe strips or whatever they are always end up with loads of black marks/stains on them meaning my card doesn’t work in 90% of cashers. Have to ring up and request a new card every year pretty much. Fuck knows what that’s all about.


do you fold your wad of notes behind them?


Always keep my cash in my pocket, never in my wallet.
This is weird right


No - notes just flat