I need a phone for less than £600 (solved)

Update: bought one now, thank you

I know there are loads of posts about this kind of thing but I’ve really stressed myself out searching. Looking for an Android phone for no more than £600. Want new not second hand.

I would like (in order of priority)

To be able to take good quality photos (really the main thing tbh)
A reasonable battery life
No edge screen bullshit (has that stopped now?)

If there is a phone that costs more that takes absolutely phenomenal pictures compared to anything in the above price range I might consider it, but there would be need to be a big difference.

Thanks in advance x

Google Pixel whatever it is (I have a 4a 5G). Can buy direct from google and pay in monthly installments. Camera is excellent, can get more than a day out of it with normal usage.


One of these two, depending on which you like the look of better:

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Black or ‘Seafoam’?

  • Black
  • Seafoam

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Samsung Galaxy A52s.

Big screen. Lovely resolution.
Has great back cameras for photos.
Battery lasts all day easily. I get to the end of the day and it is at 50% after heavy use.
Has the main security patches from Samsung and Google for three years.
Good speakers.
Has a proper headphone jack.

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Seafoam because it’s one of the great Fender colours


This is awesome Intel. Also in the market for a new phone but can’t afford to buy outright.

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Yeah, means I can order straight away and not have to keep dealing with charging my P20 every two hours while I sort the money. Great stuff.

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Ordered. This place makes my life so much better. Thank you x

I got a Pixel something or other. I don’t like the plastic back, and though it’s the smallest reasonable phone I could find it’s still too big.

Aside from that seems fine.

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I’ve got the new Pixel (seafoam) and I love it. Takes GREAT photos


I’d probably buy the latest Fairphone if that was my budget

I need a house for less than £3.5m

Also I get more than a day out if my P10 still, think the trick is not installing loads of apps

You can buy one off Google in monthly installments

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I can’t believe I’ve been utterly ignored. :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

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I’d already bought one, but appreciate the thought!

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The battery has completely given up since last month - was absolutely fine until then. Tried a new charger just in case but no luck. Didn’t seem worth trying a repair given it’s close to end of life anyhow.

Oh probably a fault then, I hope my previous message didn’t sound condescending btw, it wasn’t meant to.

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Seriously, though, can you not buy any phone for £600…or is that the joke? You can buy great android phones for £200, easily.