I need a screw that's the same as the ones on the right hand side

The cupboard that the fridge is attached to has this same hinge. Recently it pops/thuds when it gets to a certain point of its opening/closing arc, fucking hate it. It’s not a minor thud, we’ve started only half opening the fridge to avoid it. It’s the middle hinge. I tried loosening the bottom right screw in an attempt to fix it and fucking dropped it behind the fridge.

I’m a bit confused as I can’t fully loosen the same screws on any of the other hinges in the kitchen even though they’re the same. They only loosen so far. So presumably the thud is caused by that screw needing tightening, but now it’s missing behind the fridge. I think the only reason I tried loosening it was because I couldn’t tighten it though, even though it was sticking out. So maybe the screw hole is fucked. Ruining my life.

No idea how to find the exact same screws. The head seemed like about 8mm diameter. Zero replies.

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If it’s from Ikea, you can go to the returns department where they have a big cabinet full of all their standard parts and screws. You can take as many as you want, free of charge.

If it’s not, B&Q let you do a pick n mix of screws. You pay by the size of the bag, so just load up on as many varieties as you want.


Wilkos (RIP) did this too. It was pretty enjoyable rocking up to the checkouts with a bulging bag full of random screws, bolts and washers that weighed about 2 kilos and paying less than a box of like 12 specific woodscrews, about 300 of which were in your pick’n’mix. Hard to believe they went out of business, really.


Take a picture of one on it’s own with measurements and I can probably find and send you one on friday. I have a gazllion screws etc.

Thanks for the offer, the problem is I can’t get hold of any others as when I try to remove them they only unscrew to a certain point. I’ve found what look like the same or very similar hinges on Amazon that come with screws and ordered those. Think this is the third attempt at obtaining the correct screws.



Hi Barley

I think those screws are like that so you can adjust the height (up/down) of the hinge. Once they are stopping any movement they are tight enough.

I wonder if they hinge has just dropped a bit and that is causing your clunk.

Im pretty sure you should be able to remove one from a different cupboard to test as they dont “usually” come pre built so someone probably screwed them in at some point.

Sorry if this is not a helpful reply but my usual approach for small problems like this is - spend 1 hour max trying to sort this out myself, if fail, contact local handyperson, spend £20-£50 on them doing it for me. Seems ridic for something like this but it keeps me sane.

yeah I was thinking this too. From my memory if you press the bar on the right hand side the hinge should come away from the fitting on that side and will probably reveal the two screws that are actually attaching it to the cupboard wall.