"I need a..." Thread

What do you need rn


allen or hex key

DiSer’s mom


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Nintendo Switch

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and a bit of decisiveness



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dollar dollar

trip to the post office

not at lunch time, it’ll be rammed surely

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I was just in the one in Old Street, Anthony. £6 for passport photos, man. SIX.
I can also confirmed it was rammed (not for the photo booth though)

I foolishly opted not to do it first thing this morning but I’ll probs just nip over at 1520 or something

Hey! That’s the one I’ll be going to!

I prefer it with all the crap outside, it’s sort of hidden.

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Imagine how much toast one could buy with that

No word of a lie Noah there’s a toastie stand (I know) outside Spittalfields market and the cheese toastie costs £6

I could be your hero, baby

What a world