I need help in an ethical dilemma

Hi guys!

Like any sane person I boycott Amazon because they’re evil. Today is my birthday. My da bought my gifts off Amazon. Whatever. It’s against my wishes but he’s a troll. He’s also old and lazy so would struggle to find another online retailer to buy board games and electric toothbrushes from.

My brother on the other hand got me an Amazon gift voucher for £25. I don’t really know what to do with it. If I do nothing with it Amazon have made a cool £25 profit, which after tax would leave them with £25. If I spend it then I’m giving Amazon £25 minus whatever the cost price of what I’m buying. If I regift I’m complicity saying to that person that I’m full of shit and support Amazon.

What is the correct thing to do DiS hivemind? Should there be a poll? Everyone likes a poll.

Give it back to your brother as a xmas present


Amazon already have the money though? So by spending the voucher you’re taking money away from them. Win.

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Be gracious and accept it as the gift it is. If your brother was doing it for a rise, then don’t give him the satisfaction. If he was blissfully unaware, then don’t act ungrateful.

If it is too much of a stretch of your morals, just don’t spend it, and then make something up if they ask what you bought.


Yep agree with this. You could use it to buy something to give to charity/the homeless/as a raffle prize. Or just ask if anyone needs help this Xmas to buy gifts and pass it on.
Not spending it means they get money for nothing.


I bought all my christmas presents on Amazon this year, what else am I supposed to do?

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Accept the gifts, spend the voucher. I respect your stance on the ‘zon, but your defiance will go unnoticed and you will deprive yourself of a few comforts in these mad, bad times.

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Shop around Bammers. Everything Amazon sells you can probably get somewhere else. Just not the one stop shop that Amazon is, so you’ll end up spreading yr cash out to more places

I don’t drive and there are no shops here locally. Also christmas is very stressful I just want to get it all done in an hour or two tops (only spent £50 this year so not too bad!). I don’t buy from Amazon for myself anymore though as I agree they are awful


I’ll take it


Buy the books about how bad amazon are

I’ll give you a tenner for it


:clap: Give :clap: it :clap: to :clap: @japes :clap:


Alright guys I need help again.

I’ve decided to donate it to someone who needs a bit more dough this xmas. I posted on Facebook saying that and to message me if they could do with the help. Nobody has come forward yet.

Tomorrow I work with someone who has money troubles. We’re friendly, but not friends, but she’s shared her troubles with me. Should I ask her if she wants the voucher or would that be considered uncouth? She liked my Facebook post, so she knows the reason I’m giving it away.

Sure! Seems like a nice gesture :slight_smile:

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Did your brother not see your post or did you exclude him?

Also I think to state to @bamnan he can buy everything somewhere else is dubious because you know he isn’t flush with money and this might end up costing a lot more even if it’s all online.

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I hid the post from my brother.

@Bamnan asked what he could do other than buy from Amazon. Personally, I don’t care where he buys his presents from. I was just suggesting other options. I guess the savings that you get from Amazon probably differ item to item and on the shipping, but everything is gonna be available from some other online retailer. I still have the gift voucher if he needs it.

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