I need new speakers for music and TV

My ancient 2001 stereo is making weird noises all the time so I need new speakers. Never play CDs anymore and if I needed to I can use the computer into speakers so…

But we also use it as the audio when watching TV and films via Netflix etc. Now right now we have the nightmare of really hard to hear dialogue and shockingly loud explosions.

Basically I would like to get a cheap system that is good for both. I’m thinking something in the range of soundboard? @ericVI you talk a lot about 4K so you probably know this stuff too?

There’s a reasonably price Polk Magnifi Mini but not sure if it’s the best choice?

No idea if the edit worked so @ericVI

turn the TV up

It’s the having to turn it up and down constantly that’s wearing tbh

How much are you willing to pay?

A soundbar with a sub-woofer would probably be the best bet.

So, maybe pick the one most appropriate for your budget/connections from here:


Oh, hang on. Do you watch TV and films on your computer/laptop or on a proper TV?

Not sure how new speakers will help with this, that’s juat how films are mixed. Some TVs and media players (WMP, VLC maybe?) have a ‘quiet mode’ setting that compresses the audio output.

Dont really know shite about consumer home audio stuff. @anon5266188 is your soundbar man.

Personally think that 4K is a bit excessive for home use unless you have an enormous TV that you sit way too close to. Still not much stuff being transmitted in 4K.

Look at a soundbar with wireless subwoofer. The music modes can be really good.

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You need a 5.1 set up or speakers which are able to handle dynamic range well. CHEAP SPEAKERS be all like weak and pathetic with mid and high range and bass but the bass FARTS and farts cause the surrounding objects around it to fart making it MUCH more audible and the high end starts spiking out of control and completely smothers the mid with harsh SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’s and the bass muffles it in farts.

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Hate this. We have an Apple TV which has a ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ mode which is great for this.

Have thought about a soundbar. Just because we go out less now and do watch a lot of films at home. I just worry it’d be way too loud to have in our terraced house… The Sonos Playbase looks decent but pricey. Like that it’d connect with the Sonos speakers that we already have.

I dunno. I’m constantly thinking about the next bit of pointless technology I’ve convinced myself that I need tbh.


OR speakers which are able to handle dynamic range well.

Don’t take me out of context you daily mail wannabe

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Doesnt change the actual difference in volume m9

No it doesn’t but you can hear the full frequency response at lower volumes with good speakers

You cant hear the dialogue though

One speaker is for dialogue.

Mate yes is totally right from everything I’ve read.

Laptop plugged into a monitor with sound into the stereo.

May buy a TV later or just a bigger monitor.

But the issue with muddy dialogue is true of TVs too.

Soundbar is where I’m leaning but I am worried that it will make regular music sound terrible :roll_eyes:

Yes, you can.

I got a stereo bookshelf set up which I can hear dialogue crystal clear at modest volumes. It’s not ideal, but I don’t need to compress the audio to get good results (the same reason pop music is heavily compressed to sound good on cheap radios)

5.1 set ups work because the CENTRE speaker handles the dialogue more often than not, it’s mastered for cinema use, and that why the dialogue often gets lost in stereo setups.

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Depending how much you’re willing to spend but I always recommend this Denon Micro Hi-Fi

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5.1 is gimmicky and stupid tbh, you dont need it for home use. Dunno why you guys think that it will solve the problem of loud action compared to quiet dialogue. It wont.