I need one of these for my ear


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what is it?

I didn’t think those were for ears…

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It’s a nasal aspirator for babies

But it also works as an ear syringe

Need to go and find one

oh man imagine how satisfying it would be to have your ear syringed

I have one of those. It came in this pack:


The drops are better than the usual olive oil ones as well. They fizz and bubble away and it’s really satisfying.

Was looking at that, think it might be my only option if I want one today (by strolling to Boots)

last time I had it done it was a terrifying ordeal. Loud CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA noise for ages and feels really really weird. Then completely disoriented when I got up to leave - ended up firstly exiting the nurses room and into a cupboard, then found myself back in the nurses room again.

Felt like Leslie Nielsen as they’re landing in Airplane!

love this thread

how do you know if your ears need syringing btw?
got a feeling mine do

Once had a massive ball of wax just sort of come loose in my ear, managed to pull it out pretty easily.

Really satisfying tbh

wow this isn’t what I expected at all!

I’ve had balls of wax 1cm in diameter fall out of my ears, utter relief. Try and chase the hit with olive oil in the ears but no luck lately

I’ve been partially deaf on alternate days in my right ear for about a week, happens quite often though. Realised I go mad with olive oil but don’t then do the second step of flushing it out with anything.

I use cotton wool buds on my ears pretty much every day, one of my worst habits.

Tinnitus, dizzyness, poor hearing, earache, itchiness and infection are all signs.

Ear wax is good and keeps your ears healthy, but too much of it, too thick an ear wax, too hairy an ear passage, or an infection (eg swimmer’s ear) can lead to excessive build up.

If you swim regularly, it should feel pretty clear, as that helps to soften it up.

If you’re worried, then a doctor will be able to look. They’ll suggest that you put ear drops in first though, as syringing or micro-suction on their own can damage the ear drum.

I’d try with that pack above for a week or so in each ear, one after the other. The drops are better than olive oil.

I’d use them for 3-4 days then wash them through. Then repeat two or three times. Then do the other ear.



I like to get the shower real hot and aim one of the water chutes right into my ear. It’s a real blast if you get it in the sweet spot.