I need people with knowledge of roads and villages in the southwest

Dis never lets me down

Leave the M4 round Swindon and head to Avebury, check out a banging stone circle while you’re there.

Edit: sniped to the stone circle by @chanticleer !


If you don’t want to stray far from the M4 I can recommend 2 pubs for lunch that are less than 5 minute detour.

The Crown, Tolldown https://butcombe.com/the-crown-gloucestershire/ - I stopped here last year on the way to EOTR

The Plough on the Hill, Chiseldon (nr Swindon) - https://theploughonthehill.com/ - haven’t eaten here in a long time, but used to be pretty good pub grub


Thank me later!


Loads oif little villages around Chippenham with good food and names that sound like Victorian gentlemen

Wellesley Arms v good in Sutton Benger

Or head into Corsham and go Methuen Arms

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Wellesley Arms was one I was going to recommend too! Very nice, tiny wee village but it’s very pretty.


I think my favourite detour went through Marlborough

This looks great.

Welp, straight to cardiff it is.

Left London at 11.30.

So far I’ve made it as far as Longcross and now at full standstill

There is no apparent reason for the traffic being this slow, and getting to Marlborough would be another 2 hours in its own right according to Waze. Then I need to get to cardiff.

So now it’s direct to cardiff. Getting there at quarter past 4!

No offence SW England but get your infrastructure together please.

I am reminded of this

You’re blaming SW England for traffic in SE England?

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You misunderstand. Waze tells me the traffic is all the way to cardiff. The whole way.

I blame the English tbf


Imagine swampy had won and you had to go through Newbury

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Sounds like Wales is to blame them.

Tread carefully

This is DiS. We do flippancy, not caution.

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We in the south west cannot help it if people simply want to leave London


Welcome! I am sorry to tell you the traffic will be -worse - between the bridge and Newport but then you will be home free. Also it will not rain much after 4.