I need some boots

I already have ridiculous snow boots for actual boot-y conditions, but I need some sort of office-y boots that can deal with winter slush and puddles.

hermano me up guys

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What’s your budget @harru?

i’ve got a pair of these

love them but they’re not very office-y


What sort of heel you looking at bud?

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i also have these, fucking love redwings

they’d look horrendous with a suit mind you

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i like those

What colour’s your suit, harru?

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. They’ve been totally water-tight and I wear them to work all the time. Going strong for two years now and they come in 3 cool colours!

SAWYER | Dr. Martens.

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I don’t wear a suit you absolute neo-cons.

office dress code is basically: no jeans

boot budget approx £100

Another redwing bro here. Comfiest boots ever. Well worth the money

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Ted Baker have a strong chelsea boot game right now




one of my best mates actually has these

I just bought some classic redwings in my lunch break. Those things are huge - I’m normally a size 9 but ended up buying size 8s

looking at cheaper versions of these because they are quite fucking cool

if you can afford to stretch to them they’ll last years

update: bought these hooligan boots from everyones favourite ethical retailer:


they’re fine.

(special thanks to ‘julia13’ for the like on the op that jogged my memory)

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These: http://www.clarks.co.uk/p/26123858

Really not into this latest fuss over ‘stacked’ heels/soles whatever. One block colour or nothing for me.